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 Where are you, human beings ..FOr Gaza

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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مُساهمةموضوع: Where are you, human beings ..FOr Gaza   السبت يناير 17, 2009 12:36 pm

[size=16]To Gaza

To Palestine

For us

Ahtert really what to do, perhaps the silence is not helpful, but I will write

What can I write.



.. Where are you, human beings

Why are deprived of much .....

Is this expected today ..

Why are our hearts suffer from insomnia pain you humans ....?

And our experience to ensure the public is now .... dying

Enough pain so much pain .....

Where are you, human beings ...??

Why cry and complain pen ......?

Bend children or we play the game just ...

Why are deprived of our childhood .. you people??

Why we Bnqy I am with the stone ...

. Why Tnamun We Nandhar

Our bodies to suffer the pain ..

.. And our hearts with the stone bell

And our experience to ensure ..... still looking at the moon

Why do you measure??

Why not enjoy them like other people???

Why has robbed us of our lives and Hrtnea ..

To kill us ..... They bombed our houses and destroyed our lives ....

Why are you people??

Look at my eyes Albachetin Alaslitin did not lose hope

Inzero to the children of the people are suffering and suffering

Weeping eyes .... and ..... ..... Itnedon and complain .... and suffering

But are still waiting


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Where are you, human beings ..FOr Gaza
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